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After dismissal our activities for the “Fachgruppe Visuelle-Deep-Sky-Beobachtung”, we – Daniel Spitzer, Sebastian Rusche and Jens Bohle – committed ourselves to a new task advancing the deep sky astronomy: The DeepSkyJournal

Our aim is collecting and managing amateur astronomical articles regarding deep sky observing (visual and photographic). This includes primary published articles as ancient publications. We know that many printed articles in magazines a hard to access or to find. Often, finding those articles is only possible via google or other search engines. Aside that many unpublished articles may rest on astronomers hard drives. We want to close this gap!
Following as example, we want to access articles to all amateur astronomers. The DeepSkyJournal aims to be a pool for enquiry and observation planning for the amateur astronomers community. Via search function certain objects or object groups are findable. Tags may guide a visitor to a wanted article in the deep sky journal even faster. An abstract is preceding all online documents. The DSJ is nonprofit!
The DeepSkyJournal is open to the public, due to this, we seek an english homepage.

We would appreciate you visiting the DSJ, giving us feedback or even being part of our amateur project!


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